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Slicing Meat

In today’s fast moving world, hosting can be tiring stressful chore.  Chef Michael offers a variety of tailor-made services that will make your dinner parties the talk of the evening while making your life easier.  Please email or give me a call to learn more.  (917) 678-3449 or

Dining Service

With my skills and expertise as a private Chef, I have developed a service over the years to provide custom meals to meet your nutritional needs. I will prepare the meals at your home on a daily basis or can prepare multiple meals to be stored that you can plate at your convenience.  The offering can include breakfast, lunch, dinner, and/or even healthy snacks.

A Yacht at Sea

I offer a full galley service, which includes shopping, preparation, and plating.

The service starts at $100 per hour for a minimum of 8 hours.

Yacht Service
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