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Professional Profile:

As an award-winning executive chef and owner of several successful restaurants since 1990, I only bring my best to the table. In private service, I enjoy the challenges of creating new and exciting dishes for my employers, keeping in mind their unique dietary choices. I have dedicated myself to ongoing professional development, learning more about the latest culinary and nutritional trends available today such as clean foods, sports nutrition, raw foods, and food & wine pairings. As a private chef, I want to support the lifestyle of the high net worth (HNW) and ultra-high net worth (UHNW) individuals and families, allowing them to enjoy delicious, nutritious foods that support their health and culinary palate.

I am creative, outgoing, and career-minded, but also even-tempered and easy to get along with. On the job, I believe in acting with complete professionalism and discretion, practicing true loyalty, and being a driven work ethic & team player. When not in the kitchen, you can typically find me on the court, indulging my love of tennis or being involved in some kind of social sport. To me, a healthy mind and a healthy body make me perform my job well.

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