We bring you the freshest Lobster from Maine

Maine Sourced Lobster

All of our lobsters are sorted by hand. Matt Snow, a local lobsterman from a family of fishermen, manages our lobster handling. He understands sustainability and the difference between a good lobster and a bad lobster. We sort through every lobster by hand so you know your box is carefully packed.

Sustainable Lobster

The goal of sustainable lobster fishing in Maine is to maintain a healthy lobster population. Maine is famous for its long and jagged rocky Atlantic coastline where nature made a unique habitat in its pristine Gulf of Maine waters for our famous Maine Lobster!

Wild caught Lobster

 This means the lobsters are caught right off the coast of Maine and delivered to us directly from the lobster boats.


Chef Michael

As an award winning executive chef  and owner of several restaurants since 1990. ''I only bring the best to the table.

 I enjoy the challenges of creating new and exciting dishes for my clients, while keeping in mind their unique dietary choices''

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